Confabulation Plates

Created by mi-go (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 4 193), confabulation plates allow the user to communicate with things not typically able to speak. Mi-go scientists use these devices to glean information from as many sources as possible.

SLOT none CL 5th WEIGHT 5 lbs.
AURA faint divination and necromancy

Approximately 10 inches on each side, these two square, brass-colored metal plates have rubber edges and screws at each corner used to tighten the plates like a clamp. In the center of the top plate is a fleshy tube that ends in a suction cup ringed with tiny teeth. Next to the base of the tube is a small winding key that powers the device and a toggle switch that selects the device’s function (dead or plants).
To use the confabulation plates on a dead entity, the user must clamp the plates around part of the subject’s body and attach the tube to the subject’s bare skin. Then the user has to crank the winding key for 1 minute. Once this is complete, the user can ask the corpse two questions, and the response emits from the device in a metallic, buzzing tone. This effect is identical to speak
with dead.
If the device is selected to be able to communicate with plants and clamped onto a plant, the user can communicate freely with the subject for 5 minutes as the spell speak with plants.
Confabulation plates can be used once per day.

Craft Wondrous Item, speak with dead, speak with plants

Confabulation Plates

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