Strange Aeons

Two Sessions in One!

Yup, just an outline…I will need to finish this off…

Into The Snarl
Travelled through the city to the Snarl. Scouted around the whole area, found multiple entrances. Took the southern entrance.

Monument of Destruction
Divs worshipping an altar

Lake edge and Stela
Undead Chuul!

Saffron Prince
Dorvae mesmerist proved no threat

Condemnation of Failure and Aeptolinu
List of failures, Aeptolinu showedhis true face

Moon Giant and Nagas

Lekovi led the Beckon the Stars ritual at each stelae, attuning all 3 of them for the following week.

The Undercity – The Spoil Pit
Fossil Golems

Defaced Gallery
Taber killed by axe-wielding grave knight dedicated to the Rough Beast

Terror Hall
Sahkils working with a Caller in Darkness



YogoZuno YogoZuno

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