The mute in the straight jacket.


Taber is a young man in his mid teens. He has fair skin, dark unkempt hair, grey eyes and a strong, lithe frame. Countless deep scars crisscross his entire back, evidence of a horrific childhood. He wears an old straight jacket covered with numerous stains and rips.

Although it is unknown why Taber cannot speak, he does communicate through gestures, facial expressions, nonverbal sounds and a clever use of whirling magical lights.

Taber has demonstrated a basic ability to utilize magic by using cantrips and low level spells.

Certainly Taber has had combat training. During hostile encounters, he has utilised an exotic staff and an unarmed fighting technique. Although Taber carries other weapons, he has not used them as yet. Recently Taber has displayed the ability to generate an electrical field about his hands. This power, coupled with his martial arts skills, has increased his melee effectiveness significantly.

His combat skills, physical abilities and arcane powers has allowed Taber to function as a stalwart warrior for the small group of amnesiac adventurers.


As a child, Taber’s first memories were ones of archaic books, dusty parchments and dark libraries. His parents were members of a mysteriously strange cult and they believed their children’s only purpose were to advance the cult’s malevolent goals.

Taber was taught to read at an early age and once he had mastered the common tongue he was exposed to ancient primordial languages. His parents, and their cult leaders, planned that Taber would read and unlock the secrets held within forbidden and dangerous texts. Taber’s life would be forfeit, while they would obtain vast eldritch powers.

While a member of the cult, the young Taber was tourtured into submission. His back telling the tale of regular beatings, scourgings and burnings. It was also during this time that Taber’s voice was taken. It is unclear whether the cause was from some sort of past traumatic event or his study into dark ancient lores. What is clear is that he suffers from a deep psychological inability to speak.

Before the cult’s evil plans came to fruition, a group of courageous inquisitors and priests attacked the secret enclave and purged the evildoers with cold steel and righteous flame.

An inquisitor, the High Judicator Salson, found the young Taber hiding behind the altar and eventually discerned his innocence. The priest transported him to a distance monastery and there Taber stayed for several years, purging his soul of the dark taint of evil and honing and fortifying his spirit for the battles to come.


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