An ancient Ustalavian town (a settlement has existed in some form here for a millenia) sited at the mouth of the Danver River, on the shores of Lake Encarthan, and long rumored to be cursed in some way. It is the local seat of the County of Versex. Thrushmoor is also home to the Briarstone Asylum, situated on Briarstone Island, just south of the town.

Seven hundred years ago, every resident of Thrushmoor mysteriously disappeared in an event known as the Thrushmoor Vanishing. The town was eventually resettled, but to this day its inhabitants believe that the area is cursed or haunted by something called the Briarstone Witch.

Tired of listening to the rumors about the Briarstone Witch, Count Haserton Lowls I of Versex invited the Church of Pharasma to travel to Briarstone Isle and perform an elaborate exorcism. The Church maintains a chapel in the town to this day.

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