CE Great Old One of decadence, disorder, and nihilism
Domains Chaos, Evil, Rune, Void
Subdomains Dark Tapestry, Language, Stars, Wards
Favored Weapon rapier
Symbol the Yellow Sign

Original Source Ambrose Bierce, “Haïta the Shepherd”

As with many of the Great Old Ones, Hastur is imprisoned on a distant world. Yet unlike most of the imprisoned Great Old Ones, Hastur can manifest an avatar on other worlds as long as the light from the strange star in the sky of his prison world shines upon the targeted portion of the second world. He requires the assistance of powerful magic in order to manifest this avatar, known as the King in Yellow, but such magic need not be consciously wrought.
His cultists are masters of subtle magics that can trick unsuspecting victims into opening the way for the King in Yellow. Hastur’s symbol, the Yellow Sign, is often used in conjunction with such magic, and often those who find the Yellow Sign become doomed to host the King in Yellow in their own minds, slowly transforming into his agents. Some of his followers regard him as a patron of shepherds, believing that the bulk of humanity are but sheep to be gathered for an unknown future use.

None know what Hastur looks like, for he has been imprisoned far longer than mortal life has existed. Those he takes as avatars when manifesting as the King in Yellow appear as entities clad in what seem to be frayed and tattered yellow robes. Only upon closer inspection are the “robes” revealed to be the creatures’ flesh, and what lies hidden under the darkened hoods is horror incarnate.


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