Timeline of Events

Adventure Start time – 14 Arodus 4717 (end of summer)
Current Date 26 Arodus 4717 – Starday

4050 – A Pharasmin inquisitor passing through Thrushmoor is horrified, and reports the town for blasphemy. 
4051 – A group of mercenaries is sent by the church to wipe out the heretics in Thrushmoor. The night before their attack, they see strange lights in the town. When they invade in the morning, they find the town completely devoid of human life. This becomes known as the Thrushmoor Vanishing. 
4288 – Thrushmoor is re-settled but acquires a reputation for being cursed or haunted. 
4315 – Construction of Briarstone Fort Begun
4570 – Sincomakti School of Sciences established in Rozenport
4584 – Pharasmin Exorcism at request of Count Lowls I
4585 – Briarstone Asylum Founded
4670s – Aggra "Bag Lady" Loomis Active in Rozenport
4685 – Ulver Zandalus was committed in Rozenport
4687 – Ulver Zandalus arrived at Briarstone
4708-4715 – Dates on Zandalus's sketches in Losandro's office
4717 - 14th Arodus : The amnesiacs awake (Moonday)

24th Arodus - Abortive assault on Fort Hailcourse

25th Arodus - Abortive attack on the Wailing House

26th Arodus - attacked by Hastur cultists while examining Star Stelae.

27th Arodus - met Grimzelda and [[Klyn Murik]]

5th Arodus - First Dreamlands excursion

6th Arodus – Started trip on Sellen Starling

9th Arodus - Passed Illmarsh

15th Arodus – Encountered giant Snapping Turtle.

16th Arodus - Returned from first trip to Enchanted Wood, encountered River Giants.

Timeline of Events

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