Strange Aeons

Grim Happenings

Starday, 26th Arodus
After securing assistance from Cessadia Wrentz in smuggling the captured cultists out of town, the group spent some time looking around town, examining places they had not previously explored, and looking for more leads and clues into the goings-on around town.

While walking from the Sleepless Agency building towards the Depository, the group noticed something at the Fish Market. At the apex of the two-story open-air atrium was a magical light they had all seen before, but drifting around the light was a smaller ball of light. This smaller ball then went into the lantern. Cailyn immediately recognised this smaller mobile light as a Will-o-the-wisp.

Finding this unusual, the group started talking to some of the vendors at the Fish Market, looking for the person in charge. The group were told the Fish Market is basically communal property of the  whole town. Lysie Brilt was mentioned as being the main organiser of the overall fishing industry in Thrushmoor, and that she could be found at the Smokehouse.

The group also asked about the light, and nobody seemed to be aware of anything other than it being a magical light that had been in the town for a long time, and it was known locally as Glowing Jill. They also asked about the Gibbet, and were told it was still occasionally used by Magistrate Tillus Padgett to punish criminals. Cailyn also asked around, looking for any adventuring work, but nobody here seemed to have anything for them.

The amnesiacs next went to the Depository, and again looked around, and asked for anyone requiring work, to no real avail. However, they did spot an attractive young woman, who appeared to be asking people for help with her wagon. The group approached and volunteered, and she led them out of town to where her wagon was, introducing herself as Grimzelda.

15 minutes walk out of town, Grimzelda turned off the main road, onto a small track. Several of the group immediately became suspicious, expecting some sort of ambush. A short distance along the track, they saw a wagon, just off the track, with one axle off, beside a small, boarded-up hut. The group approached the wagon, and asked where the horses were. Grimzelda said her wagon was magical, and so Lekovi started to cast Detect Magic, in an attempt to verify her story. While the amnesiacs were focussed on this, Grimzelda moved up, and touched Taber's shoulder, unleashing a wave of weakening magic. The rest of the group turned to see Grimzelda revealing her true form – that of a Green Hag!

Despite Grimzelda weakening Taber, River and Cailyn, the group were able to quickly defeat her, Taber smashing her skull open with one final blow. A search of Grimzelda and the wagon revealed some valuables, but nothing else of note. The wagon turned out to not be magical at all. Searching the hut, the amnesiacs found a pair of old, withered corpses, but nothing else of interest.

As River opened the door to leave the hut, a blast of foul stench hit him in the face, but he was not adversely affected. Outside the hut, a group of Goblin snakes had surrounded the hut. A short struggle ensued, with one of the amusing highlights being Lekovi Suggesting one of the Goblin Snakes run laps around the hut, after which Scorcher Created a Pit. As the suggestible Goblin Snake completed its first lap, it managed to fall into the pit.

After applying some healing, the amnesiacs repaired the wagon's axle, and then began pushing and pulling it back towards the town. As the road rose on the edge of a swampy area, four wet corpses rose out of the muck and charged towards the group, swinging great axes. In the ensuing struggle, Scorcher discovered the creatures were largely resistant to fire, probably due to their dampness. Although the creatures hit hard, they found it hard to land blows, and were shortly destroyed. One of the axes was also found to be magical. The group again applied healing, and moved towards town again.

The group reached the outskirts of town just as the sun was going down. They saw a lone figure walking along the road towards them. It looked up, straight at Cailyn, and let out an unearthly wail, freezing half of the group in fear. It then rushed forwards, revealing itself as some sort of ambulatory corpse, its face slashed to ribbons by claws. As Cailyn got a better view of the creature, he had flashes of memory where she beat the man senseless, and then slashed him across the face with her claws.

Scorcher, being one of the few unaffected by the fearful wail, created a pit between the creature and Cailyn, along the side of the wagon. River slashed at it with his axe as it attempted to leap over the pit, but landed in it instead, howling it's rage at having been murdered, over food. Showing incredible strength, the creature managed to use its claws to almost clamber out of the pit, but fell back in again. River found the creature was unharmed by the javelin he threw at it, and so backed off, looking for rocks to drop on it. Scorcher clambered up on the wagon, and began pelting the creature with positive energy at every opportunity.

Recovering from her terror, Cailyn moved as far away from the group as possible, trying to give them more time to deal with it. She also tried to draw more on the vague impressions she was getting of having attacked the man, to little avail.

As the effects of the scream fell away, the effect of the pit wore off, and the creature was able to move again. It wailed again, freezing Lekovi and Scorcher. It slashed at River and Taber as it moved towards Cailyn, inflicting severe injuries. Taber punched at it, finding it largely resistant to his blows. As the creature finally arrived at Cailyn, it slashed her with its claws, opening up bloody gashes. Feeling that the creature was getting close to finishing off Cailyn, the group gave their all, and finally felled it. Once the creature stopped moving, Cailyn chopped up the body, ensuring it wouldn't come back again.

Finally giving up on dragging the wagon, the group quickly went back to their quarters, and rested.

Sunday, 27th Arodus
Having at least partly recovered from the weakness inflicted by Grimzelda the previous day, the group resumed exploring the town. They first visited the Booklayer, breaking into the building, but finding nothing of interest, other than a few moldering books. While on that side of town, the group also visited the Gibbet, and then went to the Smokehouse, and spoke to Lysie briefly about Glowing Jill. 

The group next investigated the Old Manor, approaching it from outside the town. They found the two storey building had been converted to a large stables, although there were no horses or people in sight. Finding nothing else of interest, the group climbed to the top floor, and spent time watching Iris Hill.

The amnesiacs were able to see the rough layout of the grounds, surrounded by a 10-foot high hedge. They also were able to see a man dressed similarly to the cultists they had captured the previous day walking around the gatehouse on occasion. Over the course of several hours, they did not see any sign of many other people, apart from a shift change at the gatehouse. As the sun went down, the group moved to the Silver Wagon for dinner.

While comparing notes about the recent disappearances in town, the group also started talking to the crowd in the pub. Several people talked about how the town had changed recently, with the Town Watch walking off the job, and the magistrate, priest, and Count Lowls going missing. The waitress, Holissa, overheard, and told the group that her brother, Sholn, had gone missing just that day, from the High Market. She mentioned that she had tried to report the crime at the Fort, with no success.

The group decided they should investigate the Fort prior to Iris Hill, and so decided to survey the fort. Cailyn skulked through the trees around the Fort in the darkness, and noted all of the various arrow loops and buildings.


Ah… it appears that wherever Grimzelda is it must be cold. LOL!

Grim Happenings

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