Strange Aeons

Have you seen the Yellow Sign

Oathday, 24th Arodus

Looking for a direction to take next, the group began by speaking with Cesadia Wrentz. Cesadia suggested that perhaps the group deal with Elgrior, to help reduce the atmosphere of tension prevalent in the town. The group found Elgrior, and were surprised when he decried them aloud as agents of the Briarstone Witch. After spending some effort talking him down, the group convinced him to accompany them to Winter, at the New Chapel. Winter agreed to look after Elgrior as best she could for them. In talking to Winter, she mentioned again that she had not seen the Royal Accuser since leaving for the Asylum, and was worried. She mentioned that he was supposed to meet her at the Sleepless Agency upon her return, but Cesadia had said that she had also not seen the Royal Accuser since the day Winter left, but that he had talked about visiting the magistrate at Fort Hailcourse.

After talking to Winter, the group also spent a little more time examining the mural that was on the side of the Sleepless Agency. Taber procured some red paint and a brush, and experimented, painting over most of the mural, to see if anything would happen, but nothing did.

Following their next lead, the group went to Fort Hailcourse. They found the Fort closed up, and there was no sign of anyone about. After knocking on the front door, and waiting a short time, Taber decided to climb up the front wall. As he reached the battlements, a spyhole opened up in the gate, and the rest of the group was addressed by Constable Barawyn Cesyll.

The Constable asked what the group wanted, and told them the Fort was closed, by orders of Magistrate Tillus Padgett. The Constable also confirmed that the Magistrate had left town, leaving her in charge.

Sensing the Constable was about to end the conversation, Taber decided to try and find a way inside, and spotted a door into the towers nearby. Moving over, he opened the door, but was surprised to see, inside the tower room, what appeared to be an armoured warrior, just standing there. As soon as the figure saw Taber, it shouted loudly “Intruders”, and charged into the dorrway, slicing at Taber with a sword. The Constable closed the spy hole, and Taber punched out at the warrior, only then noticing the person appeared to be a moving corpse! Taber backed away towards the battlements.

Down below, the group began to take up positions to provide support to Taber. Cailyn sent her pet rat swiftly climbing the outside of the tower, and then attempted to follow, but found the wall difficult to gain purchase on. Lekovi, Scorcher and River started trying to assist Taber with his assailants, to little effect, thanks to the cover from the battlements.

Seeing another armoured assailant rushing out from the second tower, Taber decide to retreat, and climbed back down the front wall, leaving them on the edges. The armoured corpses drew bows, and began shooting down at the group. Demonstrating more strategy than expected, they also called for reinforcements, and started targeting the obvious spellcasters. Other figures appeared behind arrow loops beside the gate, and joined in the fusilade.

Trying to escape the ranged assault, half of the group moved over beside the left tower where Cailyn was trying to climb up. Having no luck with the wall, and seeing the archers attacking the lightly armoured casters, Cailyn started firing back to get their attention. Breaking the group's illusion of shelter, a fifth bowman started shooting from the next tower around. Quickly running out of resources, the group decided to back off from this unexpected resistance, and fled back into the town. They were not pursued, and returned to their lodgings to recover.


Fireday, 25th Arodus

The next morning, River found he had thrown off whatever magical affliction he had picked up, and had rested successfully. Feeling a little unsure of where to go next, Cailyn led them to places they had already spotted earlier.

They approached the Old Chapel, having heard rumours of its abandonment several decades ago, and suspecting some sort of haunting. They found no signs of anything untoward in the decrepit, old building. Moving back towards town, they also went to explore the Wailing House. After questioning some children playing near the house, the group located what looked like a cellar entrance at the back of the house, and made their way down. They found the cellar to be dark, but could see what appeared to be a small skeleton over in one corner of the underground chamber. As the group approached it, they were surprised to see a ghostly figure slide out of the wall and attacked.

River immediately identified this apparition as a Spectre, but not wanting to alarm anyone, loudly identified it as a ghost. Over the course of the next few moments, the group found that they were having a hard time hurting the insubstantial phantom in the cramped confines of the basement, as it effortlessly touched them and drained part of their life away. Sensing the danger they were in, River ordered everyone out, as he bravely drew the creatures attention. In short order, everyone had left the cellar, and the spectral figure did not them.

Although everyone made it out alive, every one of the amnesiacs had been touched by the spectre once during the short struggle. Not wanting to risk having to repair permanent life force drain, the group assessed their options to repair the damage. After talking to Sentilar Ruoy, and realising the Alchemist could not help them, they pooled their resources, and purchased several restoration scrolls from merchants in the High Market. Not wanting to risk wasting these, they approached Winter, asking her to cast them on the group, which she did. The group returned home and rested again.


Starday, 26th Arodus

The following day, the group once again began to explore the town, looking for some clue or explanation for the disappearances. Examining the mural on the side of the Sleepless Agency again, the group found that the mural had been renewed, apparently over the top of the paint. Intrigued, the group looked more closely at the murals, and tried to determine any sort of pattern to their appearance. Plotting them on a map, they found that the murals were spread fairly evenly across the town, but…they were also all in spots which would allow fairly complete coverage to all of the important areas of town.

Looking for other inspiration, Cailyn led the group to the first Star Stelae, on the south western edge of town. The group found the large, dark stone monument to be marked with unidentifiable runes, very different in style to the carven stones they had examined earlier on Briarstone Isle. Going to the second monument, the group noticed that the flat faces of both faced inwards towards town, and tried to work out what they might be indicating, or what other significance they might have. They were able to work out that the Stelae were not directly facing each other, and briefly postulated a there might be two others, before settling on them being a trio, and that a third might be at Iris Hill.

As the group were discussing the implications of this, dark portals suddenly opened up on the walls of buildings around the group, and four men wielding saps rushed out and began assailing the group. As the portals closed behind them, new murals had been etched into the surfaces they had been on. Despite the unexpectedness of the fight, the amnesiacs quickly overcame their attackers, capturing several of them, and taking them back to the Sleepless Agency for interrogation.

Each of the captured men had been carrying light but expensive equipment – rapier and sap, chain shirt, several potions and oils. They were also dressed in fine clothing. Every one of them was also wearing a medallion with a strange symbol on it, which Lekovi and River were able to identify as The Yellow Sign, symbol of the King in Yellow, Hastur.

The interrogations of the assailants (sprinkled with them often asking the group if they had seen the yellow sign) revealed that they had been sent to capture the group, and return them to their leader, Melisenn Kororo, at Iris Hill. The group recognised the name of Melisenn as also being named in notes found at Dardelia's grotto. Deals were made with a pair of the attackers to allow them to leave the town in return for this information, to which they agreed.


Enjoying reading through your various logs! The spectre did in one of the players of my game. Our first death though it’s come close often.

Have you seen the Yellow Sign

Glad someone else is getting value out of them.

My guys were VERY lucky to not lose someone to the spectre. They were all level 4, and everyone took one hit during the time they were in there. And the warpriest purposely drew an AoO to allow his companions to escape, while already on 2 negative levels, and was very relieved to see the spectre roll a natural 1 to hit him.

Have you seen the Yellow Sign

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