Strange Aeons

Dancing in the Dark

On their way to explore the last couple of areas on this side of the 'scary room', the group checked in on the two captured men in yellow robes, still restrained in the communal ward they had been left in the previous day. Leaving the ward, the group were attacked by a strange fey creature that Lekovi recognised as a Spring Heeled Jack. The creature leapt around, slashing at members of the group before being knocked unconscious. The Jack was then restrained, and brought around for questioning. All the Jack did was to threaten Cailyn, who was now in possession of his knife. The group locked him inside the cage that had previously held taxidermic birds, in the Visitor's Room, and returned to their other tasks.

They returned to the records room, and unlocked the special records room behind it. Here, they found information relating to any number of supernatural or unexplained cases and patients. Behind a painting of the asylum's entrance, the group found a safe, which held a number of valuable items, including Red Destiny. There was also a cash box, which included a calling card for the services of the Thrushmoor office of the Sleepless Detective Agency. Lastly, the group recovered the patient records relating to Ulver Zandalus, listed in the previous adventure journal (yes, a small retcon…).

Continuing through the Administrator's office, the amnesiacs explored the last set of rooms on this side of the Dark room. They found a strange slimy trail of preservative-smelling liquid leading further down the hall, but stopped to investigate noises in a closer room.

Investigating, they found Ratch Mamby, the ratling sorcerer mentioned earlier by the other ratlings encountered. Ratch seemed incensed, and attacked the group, along with his accompanying Dire Rats, and a summoned rat swarm. In the ensuing struggle, River, Cailyn and Scorcher were all bitten by the rats, but they were eventually put down, and Ratch captured and bound. Ratch was interrogated lightly, before the group continued to investigate the slimy trail.

The trail continued to a partially-collapsed conference room, and ended at a closet. Opening the closet, Cailyn was surprised as a mason jar full of preservative liquid was smashed on her head. Looking up, the group saw the unsettling sight of a pair of undead foetuses. River cut one apart on sight, causing it's remains to splash all over both River and Cailyn. The second one leapt at River, and tried to bite a chunk out of her ankles. Cailyn quickly dispatched the second disturbing creature.

Turning now to the last unexplored area in this half of the asylum (apart from the large courtyard haunted by the nightgaunt), the group faced the room described by the apostles as the 'scary, dark room'. Opening the doors, they again found it supernaturally dark.

River moved into the dark area, and immediately heard children sobbing around him, then was touched by something trying to cause harm. River backed up, just outside of the dark area, and found his voice no longer worked. Cailyn moved forward to also attack the creature, and had difficulty finding it. Scorcher and Lekovi threw magic to little effect, and Taber surprised everyone by using magic to shield himself, before also stepping forward.

Hearing the sobbing voices say mention the name of one of the children in the Chapel, Lekovi pulled the wooden toy knights that had belonged to them from his magical bag, and threw them into the room. Nothing appeared to change. River, focusing on the voices asking to 'relight the Lantern', entered the dark room, trying to find a lantern to relight, but found only rubble in the dark. Taber, thinking the dark was the issue, grabbed hold of the creature, and dragged it into the light. Revealed was a child's skeleton, wrapped in scraps of night clothes and the drawings of children, with a fox's skull. The creature struggled, but was held fast. It tried to bite Taber, but could not.

River continued to explore the dark area, while Taber and Cailyn tried to restrain the creature. Eventually, the creature slipped loose from their grip, and moved quickly away from the group, trying to use another entrance to it's lair. Taber moved to try and cut the creature off again, while Cailyn moved to surround it, and the two arcanists threw more magic at it. Cailyn and Taber surrounded the creature, and finally finished it off, causing the darkness to dissipate from the scary room, now visible as a trashed guard station.

Spent of resources, the amnesiacs pulled back to the chapel again, and rested for another day, throwing off the remaining filth fever and ghoul fever infections.


Yep, it’s certainly getting exciting. :)

Dancing in the Dark

Is it me, or is Taber the coolest character in the group? Lol :D

Dancing in the Dark

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